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The Messiah Is One Of Us

On Nov 28, 2017 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

We are the stories we tell and this impacts how we see self, others and the world around us. If we choose to see  every person as profound, or in other words, every person is worthy and we then treat them with kindness and love and share hope, we create a beautiful world around us and one in which people want to more deeply interact. I do my best to live this way each day and to imagine each encounter with each person is a possibility to learn something new from them or myself. I had an amazing encounter with a homeless man in Washington DC... two actually. One is Mr Weeks who engaged me in conversation on my way to work. I asked if he would like a Free Hug, yes. And after that first encounter every day when we saw each other he would engage in conversation with me "schooling" me about life. :) The other is Aed, another homeless man I met in DC and took to lunch one day. He shared his entire life story with me over sandwiches and informed me that he created a meditation program and could he email me about it. Until my encounter with Aed I had not thought much about internet usage and the homeless population. Turns out nearly every day he would find a cafe with wireless interest and work on his meditation program and send emails. Both Mr Weeks and Aed taught me many life lessons and all because I saw them and engaged in conversation. It is amazing what happens when we see each other <3 

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