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The Messiah Is One Of Us

On Nov 28, 2017 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

By Nature innately & inner-netly from origin each human soul is a bundle of divine positivity without exception.This is exactly the eternal search & spirituality we all practice. One who realizes it is the Master/Messiah. Everybody of us is thus a potential Master with such a firm belief-faith.The moment this happens the world becomes full of life,worship,love, grace,passion, devotion,alive & vibrant. The very outlook & perception changes to Change everybody-everything-everywhere for a fulfilling life. We get connected in a single worldwide web with compassion,sympathy & empathy. Still as an ardent student, I see Sant Kabir had that profoundness in the most down to earth style.Belief-Behaviour-Business can help deliver the promised land.

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