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Space in the Crowded Workplace

On Aug 6, 2010 Somik Raha wrote:

I loved reading this. Just today, I got a "reject" on a paper I'd submitted. It was fascinating as I started looking within for signs of depression, or feeling like a loser, and there were some rumblings, but as I went deeper, noticed a space with compassion - found myself agreeing with the reasons given for the reject. The reviewer did not have enough context, and I should have submitted a preceding paper before submitting the current one. Also true that there are all these other sensations which, if not observed carefully, would take me down a path I would call a mistake.

Loved the part about not needing to destroy someone else to win, and not needing to destroy oneself when conceding. Love comes from that space, and leads to acceptance.

It is amazing that to realize that life does not become all hunky-dory with awareness and equanimity. Things happen beyond our control. However, what does change is my ability to open into a deeper and more authentic space, where happiness, love, etc. and their opposites are decisions, not conditions.

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