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The Messiah Is One Of Us

On Nov 24, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 I love this story. It is simple and profound. And it is relatively easy to apply in life. There are Messiahs or Prophets in all wisdom traditions giving message of life to awaken. According this story the Messiah is one of us. Who is that one? To me One is that connects all of us. It is like a thread that ties and connects all the beads around it. To me it represents compassion, love, gratitude, graciousness and joy.When we relate to that Messiah in one of us, we relate to that Messiah within all of us. The one belongs to all of us.

Compassion is contagious, kindness is contagious, love is contagious. Hope is contagious. It is like one lamp lighting the other.  This is my daily experience. When I see someone with fresh loving or kind eyes I see the smile of loving kindness. When I comfort and soothe a crying  child by putting my hand on his back, the child looks at me with grateful eyes. When I meet someone and a smile comes on my face, the other smiles back effortlessly. We mirror each other and  get profoundly connected with each other.

The same thing happens when someone looks at me kindly when I am sad or greets me with a smile  and a smile spread on my face. We build a bridge of connectedness. We can create a wonderful world by relating to each other with compassion and gracefulness.

May we relate to the Messiah in each one of us and be the instrument of service, joy, love, peace and happiness!

Jagdish P Dave


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