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Courage to Risk Telling the Truth

On Jul 29, 2010 Bhoutik wrote:

Here's the wonderful poem that Audrey shared tonight ... text follows the audio below:

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When Moved By Voices
When moved by voices
crystal clear
like a calling
succumbs you and
you fall fearless,
love - a shield - 
and you walk as if
you can't fall
you won't.
When you walk enwrapped in clouds
grace surrounds you
nudging you along
can break you.
Fear and loneliness a distant memory
when you know you can make a
weathered old man laugh
a recovering alcoholic smile
light a spark
in the eye
of a stranger.
Like rising with the sun
your thoughts first a vague pink dream
in slumber
light floods the valley
last night's stars
like dreams
When moved by stories
our eyes dance
hearts smile
babies sigh
like they know it all
but we - our hearts heavy-
through stories
like a dream the monk told me:
"Life is all a dream,
it's just a matter of picking
the one
you want to be in."
Be moved
by voices.
Let them call you to sing
your true song.
Let the cliffs of Mount Everest
to the depths of souls like no light
has ever seen
like when the stars dance
and the holes we all carry in
our hearts
are mended
for a moment the world exists
like nothing could go wrong
dream me up the right songs
listen on the right days
and soon
in each moment
you'll hear a voice
that moves you.
It's you.
[Part II]
When moved by voices
years ago
the timid young man
who moved a nation
the discerning mother
of a saint
the spiritual beggar
who spins circles round my dreams
and tells me
the world will fall apart
but love
will save us.
Somewhere in the spaces
between our conversations
the echoes off the walls
when the room is empty
love waits.
Eternal patience
holding me 
in the palm of her hand
my eyes seeping in 
love plops me on her lap
cradles me on nights
I think I'm slipping 
through the cracks
she holds me
like a dancer moves still air--
with hope.
And suddenly
I'm as silent as I began
but the voices linger
as intuition
floods the cracks
I used to fall through
Something tells me
the pain in my back will go away
the burns in my eyes will cool
bruises will heal
babies will walk
and lust and love one day
into the grey humbleness of old age and
like leaves in autumn,
when wisdom says it's time to go
We all go home one day.
The voices take us there
in circles.
Begin again.
(written July 15, 2010)

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