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Courage to Risk Telling the Truth

On Jul 29, 2010 Diana wrote:

 My only way to access my true self  is through consistent prayer, which isn't easy as I am oftern suduced into trying to look outside myself to gain validation. The universe is a mirror go out and attempt to respect others ,strangely alot of people won't like it and you will be attacked but keep doing it and you will feel great. The hardest person to respect will be the most annoying person in your environment -pray to treat them with compassion and respect and you will see your petty self in all its horribleness , this is where wars start from our own hearts. I favour the run away method which never works because that person is there to help me change and overcome that inherent negativity. Pray for that persons happiness ,and at times like this I don't want to pray I'd rather hang on to my nasty feelings which basically poison me and cause me to ultimately be unhappy . Hate is easy anything else is a mountain to climb , which I oftern fall down alot!

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