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Laziness As Our Personal Teacher

On Nov 18, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 Everything that happens to me could  be me my teacher if I do not resist it, fight it, fear it or freeze by denying it and doing nothing about it. As a human being, I experience ups and downs, pleasure and pain. Since I like and want pleasure, I try to avoid, deny and try to runaway from my pain. By avoiding it or believing or hoping that it is gone, I am fooling myself. What I disown slips into the shadow zone. Since I do not want to face my shadow and work through it, it darkens my light zone and prevents me from me being and accepting my authentic or real self. I need to wake up and embrace my fullness with all its colors. I relax myself and lean into that dark zone which is me. In order to be a whole human being, I need to accept my humanness and compassionately work through it.

The body has its natural rhythms. When I am tired, my body wants and needs to rest and relax and go to sleep. If I do not listen to the feedback  that my body gives, I become my own enemy. I have been learning and practicing to befriend my tired body and provide that restful space. It is natural laziness. And the same way I relate to my bodily sensations, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Since I live in a relational world, I relate to my inter -personal experiences the same way. The other is me too.We need to go beyond the dualistic perspective and relate to each other as our brothers and sisters, the branches of the one tree of humanity.

This is my daily psycho-spiritual practice. Living this way makes me hopeful and optimistic as we are going through small and big storms in our life. Life is a gift and it is my intention to appreciate and use this gift for a higher propose, for greater good.


May we all awaken and walk on the Dharma path, the path of not harming us, other sentient beings, non-human beings and  Mother nature!

Jagdish P dave

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