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Laziness As Our Personal Teacher

On Nov 18, 2017 david doane wrote:

 To unite with laziness means to me to let it happen, accept it, be open to it, not fight it, and go with it.  It will occur and subside, like any other feeling or experience, and I can unite with it and find out where it takes me.  I've been lazy at times, not in the mood to do a task at hand, and at times I have united with the laziness and put the task aside, which felt good and freeing, and took a nap or did nothing or got into some activity that I did feel like doing.  What helps me lean into my laziness, which I do too seldom, is understanding that laziness is what I feel when I don't want to do something that I am supposed to do, as determined by someone else or myself, and my laziness has something to offer.  Laziness can open me to new possibilities and to finding what I do want to do.  It can be an opening to finding my excitement.  It can be my personal teacher.  After a period of uniting with laziness I may even have renewed energy with which to complete the task I didn't want to do.

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