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The Fallacy of Togetherness

On Jun 16, 2010 Darshni wrote:

I understand your rational reflection Nikki. But I DO NOT advocate any spiritual leader who talks in the spirit of 'truth" but walks in the spirit of darkness, whilst blinding people on his way. It's disrespect to your soul if you choose the path of delusion, but don't convert 1000s on your way to destruction.

It is imperative to judge, because without scrutiny of what's satya and asatya,  we'll nod our heads every time a charming articulate guru tries to advocate nirvana whilst asphyxiating us in maya.

Truth is ageless and a guru's goal is to dispel darkness. Like Osho himself said, the companionship of fool is not good. Buddha and Osho both scrutinised a fool's behaviour, so who are we to disagree with Bhagwan Rajeesh? 


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