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The Fallacy of Togetherness

On Jun 15, 2010 Nikki wrote:

Wow.. this is one of the most controversial passages I've experienced in this forum, and it certainly made me reflect on certain beliefs I've pondered about recently.

i have to agree with some here that does indeed Osho display some amount of judgment here, which could make some feel uneasy. Then again, this is from a man who had a fleet of almost a 100 Rolls Royces, while living in one of the poorest countries in the world. Personally, I have a hard time finding someone with these kind of actions an authority on spirituality.  

True, as folks who are trying to achieve inner peace, it is challenging to hang out with some who are further from the path and who'll try to take you there with them. But if you make a decision to stray, that is YOUR responsibility not theirs. Life is full of challenges and lessons, and sometimes they come in disguise, and it is our mission to decipher the lesson and continue on the path, while maintaining our awareness, equanimity and the smile on our face!

Hopefully we can serve as inspiration to others, and if not, well- paths can part without putting a harsh judgement on someone like considering them a fool not worthy to spend time with. It's all about mutual respect and the understanding that we each have our own way of learning and developing as a person.  





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