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The Fallacy of Togetherness

On Jun 8, 2010 Naumadd wrote:

You have never been alone and will never be alone. There is no "aloneness" in nature because all is and ever will be genuinely tied to everything else. This is true whether or not you are or choose to be aware of it. The real question is, and as Osho is attempting to explain, are you able and willing to turn your awareness inward to achieve at least some degree of inner quiet and peace AND, are you able and willing to allow others to do the same. You will never be "alone" nor is solitude genuinely achievable. You can, however, find some mental state of quiet and peace, some healthy balance, and achieve the same with relation to those near and distant from you.

If you are indeed able, you ought to also be willing for your own benefit and for the benefit of those whose quiet and peace you might possibly destroy.

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