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    On May 17, 2010 Somik Raha wrote:

    Very grateful to read the reflections here. I found myself wondering that when I envision a better tomorrow and work toward it, am I not lusting for it? 

    The author says, "Lust extends much wider than the sexual sphere, and essentially means attachment to something that is not present, or is not the appropriate thing right now." 

    The answer seems to emerge from the last few words of the line - "is not the appropriate thing right now," suggesting awareness and discrimination. Indeed, if I act out of a desire to change the future with a specific idea of what it should be, then I am lusting for that which is not here, and many wise people have cautioned us against working with attachment. Then, must we give up envisioning the future?

    It is in our nature to create, and creation involves envisioning that which is not. However, the best creators cannot explain how they create, and usually have some vision of where they want to go, but no vision of what the end result is going to be. Their life (like the rest of us) makes sense looking backwards, but not when looking forward. 

    Being aware of what needs to express itself through me seems to be an important distinction that can help me check if something is appropriate or not, for awareness is the first step toward discrimination.

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