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Space To Heal

On Nov 7, 2017 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

So true. I relate to nothing but space as I move through receiving coaching. One of the helpful tools is to imagine one's energy expanding out and that the energy is like the wind blowing out and past challenges to create space. Our minds are infinite spaces too, the declutter is often by reframing: for example, one of my other favorite reframes is I choose. When we have choice we also have more space. Currently I am moving through another layer of healing with my mother, whom I've been in the role of parent since about age 12. When she was born she turned blue and was brain damaged. That damage manifested over time in processing like a 5 to 7 year old. She also have several mental illness challenges such as severe anxiety and paranoia. She is also one of the most negative people I have ever met, not only my opinion but those who know her mention this often.  It has been difficult at times to always be in the role of parent with her, especially when she is so negative and mostly ungrateful. My father was severely depressed after his service in Vietnam, multiple suicide attempts, died when I was 22. My brother was alcoholic by 15 (his coping) and then sober by age 26. The current healing is choosing to remain as a primary care taker of my mom as her condition worsens. The choice I have and the healing is: would I walk away from a 5 year old? No. And rather than get stuck in why, I ask myself, now that this has happened, what can I do. And I've created more space to process all this, from meditating on it, to spending quiet time at home to reflect rather than go out and be social and not move through the layers. And in that space a team began to form as I reached out to her Pastor for help and her only two friends and her two sisters. Expanding out the energy also helps so much; to imagine myself like wind, there is much space in wind. <3 

On Nov 7, 2017 Janet Roberts wrote:

My heart is sending you love. What a gift to your mother and the world is your concious choice to love and heal. I am touched by your sharing and strengthened in moving through my work in healing old patterns, experiences and beliefs. Thank you for sharing. 


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