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Space To Heal

On Nov 5, 2017 david doane wrote:

 My conception is that in this realm in which we live there is space and time that we clutter with things, and clutter mainly by attaching to things.  Even space and time can be a cluttering of nothingness as we in part live as expressions in space and time and in part live in nothingness.  I don't create space -- it just is, and how much I clutter it is up to me.  Healing takes place in space.  The less I clutter space such as with things to do, shoulds and have tos, worries and regrets, judgments and blames, plans and goals, the more space I have in which to be whole and to heal.  I've gotten better at not cluttering space and time and definitely have a long way to go.

On Nov 10, 2017 me wrote:

 Love ... Love ... Love!  Amen!


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