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Welcoming Fear As A Friend

On Oct 31, 2017 M.V.Mathew(Ashokafellow) wrote:

 NO FEAR" is my Motto.From my early years I was fearing about SNAKE Bikes,Dogs Bite,Driving Vehicle,Starting new Programmes,Every where ,every thing I found Fear.But THE FAITH IN GOD vanished away all my FEAR.I was in Africa, Europe,Australia, there are too many times of FEAR.But it is only for SECONDS.I over came all my FEAR only by the Strongest BELIEVE in GOD that nothing will happen with out the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD.The Greatest LOSS OF Ten Acres of Land and 27 Buildings-NOCERGRAM-I overcome the Fear only by the FAITH IN GOD.So Over come Fear  FAITH and Believe in GOD will make more STRENGTH and ACTION.

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