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Welcoming Fear As A Friend

On Oct 27, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 I love to read such writings which make me pause,"see" with wide open and clear yes and connected with the truth emerging from openness and clarity.The fear of fear is neurotic. It is a conditioned response.I stay away from relating to a new and fresh stimulus even before it arises.In this sense I relate to fear as an enemy, and not as my friend. Such a mindset creates a wall or a boundary and restricts the flow of our energy.Our flow of energy gets thwarted by fight, flight or freeze response.

Another way of relating to a fear is  befriending the fear.We embrace the fear with open arms and allow ourselves to experience it as a friend or a guest.When we relate to our fear in a friendly way, fully and fearlessly, we feel the surge and aliveness of energy like surfing on the new waves..

When I am fully present  to the existential reality as it is without the judgment of right and wrong, beyond right and wrong, I am in the field of pure energy, pure awareness. It is a different dimension of consciousness.Walking in nature, listening to music, connecting with myself with myself and  others on a deeper level creates a sense of awe and wonderment. Living becomes a blessing.

May we be free from the shackles of fear and  swim in the pure flow of energy!


Jagdish P Dave

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