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    On Mar 29, 2010 Pancho wrote:

    My family calls me Pancho and I'd like you to know that I love you all...

    Once again, I have no doubt that we are living the age of collective samadhi. Being in receptive silence with so many satyagrahis, is only conducive to create an inspiring collective intelligence/wisdom. And what better seed than the penetrating insights of Vimala Thankar. This is what I shared in the energized sharing circle:

    1. W A L K
    2. Fully Living
    3. An Invitation

    1. W A L K
    An acronym I heard the first time from one of the living legends of service: Jayesh-bhai: Living Service: Love All, Serve All. But this time I shared it with a Vimala Thakar touch:

    W itness nature (observe the details)

    A ccept circumstances (Awake! Arise! Act!)
    L ove your life
    K now thyself (you know what you are, you know why you are here)

    I wasn't surprised when sister Ripa brought Jayesh-bhai to the circle ;-)

    2. Fully Living
    At some point, opposites emerged in my being. My first thought/feeling was about life and death. So, how can we fully live without the awareness of death? This poem that flowed through me, tries to express this opposites insight, always evolving to a higher level of consiousness:
    Love and Life: The Quintessential Symbiosis
    Our star, blind is
    to the beauty of Earth without sunlight
    and futile are the attempts of life
    to survive without these unconditional love rays.

    …the radiant glorious Full Moon
    is just a fierce mirror of the source of life;
    and the humble New Moon
    loves the right time for action to eclipse your heart…

    in between thoughts;
    in between the sighs of the photons of love;
    your presence, my dear, immersed when exhale becomes inhale…
    that’s when we know that the best revenge is forgiveness
    when in the silent-passionate-song of the spirit
    we understand that the exquisite rhapsody of souls
    converge in the infinite silence
    where we are not “we” but ONE.

    This deep silence, a serenade to the soul,
    as shivers tingled down the length
    of the essence of my essence
    and your music, Beloved One,
    transcend senses and generations,
    because our uncovered Self is clearly infinite
    in the great and in the small.
    That’s the everlasting changeless nature of impermanence:
    the wellspring of life.

    How can I love life so intensely without grasping it at the heart?
    How can I make truth real without living it at thought, word and action?
    How can I serve all life without feeling inseparable from the Universe?
    How can life manifest without your sunlight?
    How can life be brought to clear focus without the awareness of death?
    How can truth be transmitted without touching one another’s soul?

    Who would not welcome us, my angel, when our heart is filled with nothing but love?

    Love and Life,
    as the non fragmented existence of our collective being,
    as a fractal of compassion, courage and wisdom,
    is the Quintessential Symbiosis.

    3. An Invitation

    Please _observe_ the Great Turning all around us. The Planetary movement that embraces life.

    It's happening everywhere! In many places we are turning from relations of domination to relations of partnership; from relationships based on oppression to relationships based on cooperation; from fear and violence to love and ahimsa.

    Life exist only in relationship with other life, that is, community. And the organizing principle of life is partnership, it is its very essence. Life exists only in living communities of diverse and mutually interdependent species. How do we free ourselves from the self-inflected alienation and oppression of the totalitarianism of corporate capitalism? We need to create communities that support every person in connecting to life in ways that enhance the creative potential of both self and community so that all may enjoy the joys of the Beloved Community.

    Please break the silence, break the isolation and share the stories. The stories of a family like the Mehtas, who for 12 years have been giving love, kindness and compassion with no strings attached. Look around and witness the magic that is unfolding, the unnumbered shining eyes, the beauty that is being born from this place... please don't miss a detail, the people traveling many miles, the subtle incense, the openbook shelf, the embodiment of service, the devotion, the love in the food, the (r)evolutionary smiles... :-) then, shine like a star in the galaxy of this movement and never forget to illuminate also the innercosmos...

    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.

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