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Seeing Is Not Thinking

On Oct 24, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

Reading this article reminds me of an ancient saying written in Sanskrit, " Yatha drushti tatha shrusti." Meaning as is my vision, so is the world. If my vision is clouded I see the world clouded. Fresh eyes are new eyes free form the bondage of the past, from the anticipation of the future; free  from  the attachments to positive and negative thoughts, wishes and desires, free from the the old mind. It is a fresh vision, a new vision, a new mind , a new brain, the "choiceless awareness"

When I read something like this, I get deeply connected with the vision of the vision. My mind becomes quiet and I feel the open space within me, like the clear blue sky. I am in the here-and now zone. I am no more attached to my thoughts, I am no more enslaved by my conditioned mind. To put iti n the words of the author, " abandon everything to enter the unknown." This is freedom -the inner freedom.It is the the womb, a birthing place of the new intelligence, the new mind, the new brain, open to the sense of the cosmos. Seeing is not thinking. It is beyond thinking, free from thinking.

Practicing mindfulness meditation opens and expands my inner space for perception seeing the reality, a new dimension that transcends time and space.I experience "The Power of Now." It enables me to relate to apparent differences with an open mind and open heart and creates and sustains my wholesomeness.

May we have an interval between a stimulus and an old response to see the reality as it is!


Jagdish P Dave

On Nov 7, 2017 Papy shanti wrote:

 May we create an interval between a stimulus and an old response to see the reality as it is!
Om shanti


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