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Seeing Is Not Thinking

On Oct 22, 2017 david doane wrote:

Freedom in the act of seeing means to me the freedom that comes from seeing what is, free of judgments, preconceptions, and expectations, free of simply seeing my thinking, which happens so easily.  It means being free of conditioning be it my own or my culture's or whatever.  It means lifting the veil, removing the psychological cataracts, and seeing clearly.  I often experience "I don't know" and am open, searching, and receptive, all of which I value, and yet I don't know if I am ever totally free of seeking an answer.  I think of seeking as goal-directed.  I usually don't actively seek because it gets in the way of seeing, which I treasure.  I think the bible says something about the problem of having eyes and not seeing.  Knowing the value of non-judgmental non-goal directed seeing helps me see clearly.

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