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Law of Least Effort

On Feb 14, 2010 P. Sasidhar wrote:

It is a great peace to start with in the new year. Read the article with least effort!

What is intrinsic in plant or fish or man manifests itself with least effort. I cant wish to perform well in every subject with least effort. It is not intrinsic in me perhaps.

Recession cant be wished away. It dawned with least effort may be!. To eliminate it is a herculean task. No matter how much I love the nature...I cant find quick-fix solutions to Recession or H1N1. I thought Law of least effort applies to actions driven in the realm of intrinsic strengths one is endowed with by birth...passed on through genes!?

Quote: "......And it is human nature to make our dreams manifest into physical form, easily and effortlessly.": Unquote
This statement from the passage forms the crux. Does it? Correct me.


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