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Applying Realization to Relationships

On Feb 10, 2010 Chris wrote:

 Most religions say that we are all one, also, do unto others as you would be done to. To be told that we are all one and that the ego does not really count is daunting advice that flies in the face of perceived reality. However, one morning I awoke with a new paradigm which helped to clarify this. It takes a little imagination and belief; but it works.

You must have heard of the idea that there are parallel or multiple universes? Imagine – just imagine –  every person in the world that is, that ever was and that ever will be, is you. You, are everything that is. You have split in time, space and dimensions. What you are now perceiving is the experience of this body. You are experiencing existence everywhere else, but you can only register existence through this body just now. You can see you struggling or you being successful in other bodies. And they (all the other you) can see you struggling in yours. They (you) are all different because they (you) were all born to different parents, under different circumstances and were life programmed by different events, influences, intentions and energies.

Now imagine that by some miracle everyone at once (all of you) suddenly had this same realization. Everyone stopped and walked out onto the street in wonder and started asking, “Are you me?” “and are you me too?” How would the conversations go on? Perhaps, “how can I help you? Did I do that to you? Sorry.”

Everyone is you: the lover, bank manager, check-out girl, policeman, beggar, bully, sage, idiot, prostitute and accountant.

Imagine all of you, the whole world smiling up at the sky and all shouting, “Hey, we got the trick, we’ve sussed it at last, the game’s up. Now can we finish this fragmentation lark and all get back together as one in heaven?”

So next time someone’s bugging you, look through their eyes and smile into them. It’s you in there again isn’t it?

Just a thought...

On Apr 20, 2013 madhur wrote:

 Powerful exercise! Thanks for sharing


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