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On Jan 27, 2010 Ramanand Kowta wrote:

NAMASTE ! - is the essence of Indian Horpitality. It means NA -not  + MAMAHA - me + TE- you. i.e the Host is saying ' not me, but you ' to the Guest ! Only by  elevating the guest and by humbling himself,can the Host truly extend a warm hand of hospitality and thus truly ' serve ' the guest. Service alone is the way ! When Man decides to be a ' humble servant ' of Nature, there is ' abundance -  plenty for all ! 

BUT, MAN, the most intelligent ( ? ? ) creation, decided to ' conquer, exploit, Master Nature, it led to greed, competition and scarcity - poverty amidst plenty !

We blatantly violated the ( inviolable) Laws of Nature of

- Give and Recieve. Instead he TOOK first and then did not GIVE with 'awareness' !

- Cause and Effect -as you Sow ,so you Reap !

So, he 'linearised ' the Cyclic processes of( water, food/biomass etc...) and created the problems of pollution - garbage and sewage.

RE- CYCLING , by Returning the WASTES to the Source will alone ensure ' Sustainable Living' for all on this Earth !

Why do we want to ' screw up ' another planet ?

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