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    On Jan 25, 2010 Pancho wrote:

    My family calls me Pancho and I'd like you to know that _I'm choosing_ to love you all :-)

    BAAM! indeed beloved hermano Somik. This passage has so much material to learn from. This is a complementary comment of what I shared in the circle last Wednesday. As usual, the jewels shared by the people before me, inspired me to formulate the three points:

    1. The Universal Love, Stillness and Fearlessness.
    2. The story of Rea, the dog.
    3. A question "?"

    1. The Universal Love, Stillness and Fearlessness.
    I was so inspired when I came back from Wednesday that I wrote a poem. It reflects pretty much what I said that night:

    The True Red Pencil**
    Emerged from the kisses of your eyes
    was my need to be in love with all life;
    the kind of love and the will
    that come when the mind is still.

    I didn’t know what real love was
    until I loved all.
    When my mind is still
    I see everybody as my own self,
    as my own blood.

    At the still center within the heart,
    same spot where the dagger pierced,
    is where I found you, Beloved One.

    Painful if we resist.
    Joyful if we surrender...
    to its petals
    to its divine flow
    to its detached nature.

    We can never know what real joy is
    until the mind is still…
    a mind at rest and a heart full of love
    is the true red pencil that panted
    these verses from above.

    A sister, right before me, shared how fearless she felt in many ways, physically and morally speaking, and her loving kind nature reminded me the words of Vinoba Bhave:

    "This is real love and real love is possible only in a state of fearlessness. But how does a person develop this quality so that she/he can shed fear? Such woman/man fears anybody nor makes anyone afraid of her/him. The same is true for a free man/woman. It is characteristic of him/her that he/she neither submits to anyone nor keeps anybody in submission. One who causes fear in others cannot be termed as fearless and one who keeps others in bondage cannot be called free."

    When it was my turn, I said something like: "Sister, I'm positive of your fearlessness!"


    2. The story of Rea, the dog.

    The beginning of the Wednesday circle was opened by brother Niel. He shared how he conceived fear and love, and made a powerful analogy between ignorance and wisdom. Inevitably, those words evoked in me the early teachings of my dad, a lover of Science, when he used to tell me how the Neanderthal men were, probably, scared to dead when they were in the middle of a thunder storm. Our ancestors needed to invent many human-like gods to explain what they couldn't understand. Then, I knew the perfect story to share.

    That Wednesday's afternoon, we had a thunderstorm in Berkeley. In the almost 6 years I have been in the Bay Area this is the second time I hear a thunder, not like Mexico City where thunders occur very frequently. This time it was a thunder storm. Many of the thunders must have been discharged very closely since the ground, homes and buildings were shaking in very powerful way. I was in a positive shock of awe and wonder saying to myself: "

    wow Mother Nature, you are phenomenal and powerful, I know this is just a beautiful reminder to tell us how fragile we, humans, are."

    As I was enjoying the thunder storm and the fierce winds and seeing the patterns of the pouring water, the officemate who works upstairs was ready to leave the office with her two dogs... and I thought I was radical! ;-)

    The big dog, Rea, was the first one trying to leave. She was visibly shaking and with her long tail between the legs. The little one, Kanji, was afraid too. A concerned sister Eve said:

    "Rea is very afraid of thunders, she was below the desk shaking and now she just wants to go home. Kanji doesn't like thunders either."

    The Metta Center office is warm, so as I did some mimic to attract Kanji's attention, I invented them to come in.

    "Why don't you wait a little bit until the storm calms a little bit?"

    Eva accepted, carried Rea and brought her by the heater. Suddenly Kanji was happy and jumped up and down in an invitation to play with me. An offer hard to resist. Then all the attention was put into the suffering Rea. Eva told me how the cloth she had tied on Rea's tummy was trying to resemble the love of a hug of a mother when they are puppies. We talk sweet to her, caressed her, but then... another thunder!

    "Everything is ok beautiful" "We are here with you Rea"

    . Little Kanji hesitated a bit, but he stayed equanimous ;-)

    More sweet words, more love, we didn't stop caressing her and even Kanji started kissing Rea! The four of us could feel the warm not only from the heater but from each other. After a few minutes, the calm words of Eve were in the air, she was lying on the comfy carpet, in the middle of the office, I was on the floor too, Kanji was happy and then:

    Rea's tail came out from between the legs! And not only that! She lied down and rolled 90 degrees, inviting us to caress her tummy!

    Another thunder, she stud up, but it took her a few seconds to recover. It was a beautiful experiment of mirror neurons (mimicking the movements, feelings and emotions of mammals!) and how to spread love among all living beings. Love over fear. Fear dissolves in the presence of love.

    3. A question "?"

    Yes, anger, fear and hatred are contagious, but so as peace of mind, love and courage. What would we like to spread in this World?

    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.


    ** Someone with muse powers, gifted me a red pencil that night at the Mehta kindness temple... therefore the title of the poem ;-)

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