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Noticing the Gaps

On Jan 20, 2010 DAVID COLE wrote:

   I'M HUGELY HEARTEND TO HEAR THAT E.K. ROSS HAS CONTINUED TO EMBELLISH THE WORLD WITH HER WISDOM AND ANECDOTES.  My moment of inspiration came October 2nd. of 1980.  That would become my inspiration.  Its requiring the rest of 1980 and the 1st. quarter of 1981 for me to >GET IT< that if I were to continue to exist in a comatose state, I would miss my opportunity to share what God had entrusted my soft  tissues to.  Well, 6 months later I began PT, OT, Speech and Psychological counseling.   To sustain 2 tons of automobile... at passing speeds (I'll let you do the math, but I'm pretty sure E=mc2 applys here.), I feel was my purpose... in my face!

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