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    On Jan 20, 2010 SWAPAN KR.HALDAR wrote:

     "we must continually choose love in order to nurish our soul and drive awaya  fear,just as we eat to nurish our bodies and drive awaya hunger"
    it is true that we eat to drive awaya the hunger but we eat when we feel hungry,we do not keep a choice to eat continually to keep the hunger awaya,we do not generate a craving for eating continually to overcome the hunger.
    love is natural,sponteneous and unconditional.a flower is blooming,a bird is singinging ,a stream is flowing all are natural, unconditional and we can't keep a choice on them for their continuity.keeping a continuous choice on love and object of love may lead to craving and be a cause for fear.people commit sucide when someone's hero fail in their the love become horror and creats an underline action of fear in mind and love can be compare with "haven is an inward experience, an experience in consciousness".
    similarly, all the souls exprience fear, no soul can be escaped from choice fear can't be kept awaya or we may be trapped in to the deepness of fear by more one should have  goodness to experience or observe the fear consciously.thus fear, the negative energy is converted to a positive force, love.

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