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Habits Of The Heart

On Oct 4, 2017 Amy wrote:

 Growing my heart helps me to bring to life these habits.  To grow my heart I ask God to join His to mine.  I have a sinner's heart which needs to be converted daily to become a more pure, open and more holy heart.  I am nothing in and of myself (habit 1).  God, Jesus and Holy Spirit  model so beautifully communion ... Working together for one common good ... Salvation (habit 2).  I do not act out of my own truth ... Because, as I said before, I AM NOTHING outside of God.  Nothing.  I act out of His truth ... As I know it. Amen (habits 3 and 4).  On habit 5, I need the most work!  My community is rather small.  The needs of aging people around me (not to exclude myself) are consuming me.  I need to expand my community big time!  I know this to be true.  God is prompting me too!  It will come as His will continues to be done here on earth.  I BELIEVE!  

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