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Willing to Experience our Suffering

On Dec 22, 2009 linda wrote:

 At first glance,this sounds to me like "Life sucks, then you die...", but on further consideration, I realize that rallying against suffering doesn't end it, it perpetuates it.  Anything you put your mind to becomes bigger and stronger.  If you accept this suffering as a temporary hardship - no wallowing, rallying, screaming - you can see it for what it is.  Suffering is a learning opportunity.

If you can accept your current circumstances and work to maintain your inner balance, you will most likely gain something - compassion if nothing else- from the experience.  The trick to accepting suffering is to avoid the trap of allowing it to become your life story, to keep my original perspective - "Life sucks then you die"- from becoming your truth.  How about "Life is bumpy, then it smoothes out..."?

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