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    On Oct 1, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Our society is plagued with divisiveness and polarization, discrimination on the basis of color, race, ethnicity and religion. Almost everyday we hear  or see aggressive and hateful behaviors not only in our country but in many other countries. If this goes on or increases, it will be very hard for societies to survive let alone flourish.

    We need to form  and cultivate "Habits of the heart." The five habits discussed in this article are interlinked. We need to realize that we are all in this together, interconnected, entwined with one another. Let us not confine in the bubble of individualism and independence. As the author says it is an illusion. No man is an island. We all are like the waves of the ocean of humanity. We are interconnected and interdependent. 

    Unfortunately and sadly, we our mindset and mind habits are shaped by the notion of "us versus them" rather than "us and them". We are each other's brother keepers. Knowing this and practicing this notion expands our consciousness and enriches our relationships.

    We need to have our personal voice and express it courageously. We need to cultivate the courage to be ourselves and maintain our integrity. At the same time, we need to hear the voice of the other respectfully and empathically. Relationship is not a one way street.We need to learn and practice to be open to check and correct our truth against the truth of others. And this is the way we flourish our society.

    It takes a village to create a social change. We all know how difficult it is to create a substantial change by oneself. We need to create a community of kindred spirits and join hands together for justice and fairness. Once we know with an awakened mind what is Truth-buddham sharanam gachhami. And then follow that true path passionately and consistently- dhhamam sharnam gacchamt . And invite our fellow brothers and sisters to join us-sangham sharanam gacchami. By inviting and embracing others, we can sustain and flourish the local and global society.

    I have been spiritually enriching my life by joining my hands with kindred spirits in my family, in my work place and in my local community. I trust  and hope that such actions will contribute to the survival and enrichment of our society.

    May we relate to one another in the spirit of togetherness to create transformation in our lives and the lives of others.


    Jagdish P Dave 

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