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The Surprising Truth of Sufficiency

On Dec 8, 2009 Patsy wrote:

This reading is completely relevant to this day in this month. So many are struggling to come to terms with reduced incomes during a season traditionally celebrated with excess.

Our money, our possessions, can be either a burden or a blessing. This is decided by whether we, ourselves, choose to be a burden or a blessing. This decision has nothing to do with wealth, health, intelligence, education, looks, ability, or any other thing we use to define worthiness in ourselves and others. It has only to do with recognizing our unique place in this world at this time. It has only to do with embracing our ability to transform our world - for good or bad - and deciding how we will use this power.

Thank you for a lovely holiday reading.

On Nov 7, 2013 Karen wrote:

 I completely agree.  Some of us don't get the opportunity to really think about "our unique place in this world at this time" until something sends us off our comfortable track - loss of a job, illness, etc.  In many ways, these times of struggle can be blessings in disguise by compelling us to re-examine or re-evaluate how we spend our time.

On Nov 7, 2013 Donald Green wrote:

 I totally agree with you; my current circumstances have allowed me to reevaluate my perspectives and my priorities. I now have a new outlook on life.


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