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Advice From A Tree

On Sep 26, 2017 Soulwing wrote:

I love trees!! My child, Banyan, is named after a tree. :-). They give so, so, much, including the very air we breath and ask of nothing from us in return.  Love the joy they provide with the changing orange, yellow, red of the leaves. Love that they are a testament to slowing down and just be. Love all their wonderfully diverse barks, smoothness of crape myrtle, sponginess of the cork tree, roughness of elms:-).  Can't say enough about them!  They have brought me so much joy and peace. 

On Sep 26, 2017 Amy wrote:

 I appreciate most that trees do not use words to communicate ... And yet they communicate so much!  
Thank you so for all the nuggets of wisdom above!  
We have an Oak tree in our backyard that speaks to me regularly!  He wants a few of his neighboring trees that are growing too close to him (preventing him from growing to his fullest potential) to be cut down!  Since the Oak tree is my favorite, I want to help him out by clearing an appropriate area around him.  My husband does not "hear" the tree as I do ... The Oak tree's growth will continue to be stunted  in it's "crowded" space!  Makes me sad!


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