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Death: the Key to the Door of Life

On Nov 18, 2009 nuschke wrote:

re Naumadd's comments.

I think your ideas and the blurb from Kubler-Ross are not in actual opposition.

Another way to express the point is to say that we tend to carry an unconscious, general attitude of "eternalism" - i.e. we don't live as if life will end.   Because we don't have a sense of impermanance (which is an accurate, true sense/view), we do not fully experience our lives, see the sunset, taste the apple.  Rather, we experience through a cloud of conception, that worries about the past and future.

So fully tasting the apple or seeing the sunset is the same as experiencing life from the insight/view of impermanence.  Just two ways of saying the same thing.

So it is not a "focus on death" but a relinquishment of the cacoon of eternalism that I think is the point.


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