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Beyond Content Of Thought

On Sep 18, 2017 Tan wrote:

The article is the reminder for being captured by thoughts. When I am captured by thought the authomatic reactions are arizing and overwhelming me... Dis-identification process is not easy.

Meditation is not always helping when the amigdala is in action... What does help me?
The Work of Byron Katie - see

We created the board game - the W Game - and using it for the Awareness Group weekly. I can work in the Group on the suggested belief (doing preventive work) or the situation & thought which is bothering me... every time I play - using 4 simple questions and turn arounds - I am awakening = dis-identificating from the thought (every time it looks like a surprise!)  Then during day-to-day life it becomes easy and easy to wake up to reality - dis-identificating. 

On Sep 19, 2017 Rosemarie wrote:

 I have used 3 techniques that have helped me recenter quickly. The first is, to say l STOP/Shhhhhh (to self or outlou d) to interrupt incoming thoughts, hence Amigdala overload. Repeat STOP/Shhhhhh until it dissipates. Then go to a soothing place in your mind eye and breathe. The second is, to STAY in the thought/feeling, don't run away, just breath long and slow over and over. It's just energy that needs to dissipate. And third is my yoga practice. Some days I skip it and others I do 2 or more back to back. It's a meditation in slow movements. And every 2 weeks my therapist helps me stay centered by letting me sort out loud through the reality or imagined of my thoughts and feelings. It's all a practice for mind, body and spirit.


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