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Beyond Content Of Thought

On Sep 17, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 When I identify myself with my thoughts, I become my thoughts. Thoughts create feelings and emotions and actions and my character. If I do not dis-identify myself with the  mental and emotional world I  create in my mind, I get trapped by my self-created trappings causing ups and downs of mental and emotional states. It is up to me to free myself from my from the bondage I have created or to remain stuck with it.

One of the ways of reducing or working through my suffering is the practice of mindfulness.I have found practicing mindfulness very beneficial to me. Breathing in and out keeps me grounded , steadfast  and composed.It creates space  in me to let my thoughts come and go like waves and makes my mind quiet and clear. This is the mechanics I use to work on myself.

When I do not apply mindfulness, I resort to habitual and conditioned patterns  of reacting to the contents of my thoughts which perpetuate and strengthen the cycle of  my suffering. I run a mental commentary of finding fault either with myself or with others. What I have been learning from my mindfulness practice is what Baba Ramdass calls dis-identifying my self with  from the contents of my thoughts. I let the thoughts come and go as I breathe in and out.Such mindfulness practice helps me to respond rather than to react. Practicing mindfulness consistently helps me to relate to myself and to others with freshness, empathy and compassion.

May we find time to practice mindfulness for walking of the wholesome path.


Jagdish P dave

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