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Beyond Content Of Thought

On Sep 17, 2017 david doane wrote:

 You can go to a so called psychotherapist who gives poor advice, and you can go to a so called spiritual leader who gives poor advice.  Ram Dass sure has his anti therapist biases.  My suggestion is consult with others, listen to self.  The language I prefer is focus on process rather than focus on mechanics -- what they each are referring to is probably much the same.  The point is to get back to healthy process, engage in healthy mechanics of living, be in the present, let go of content/problems/agendas, and trust that good will happen.  Focus on problem content tends to reinforce it and gets me spinning my wheels going no where.  Dong the right action, as the eight fold path suggests, and not occupying myself with trying to control outcome, works best.  I am happiest and the most good happens when I live that way.  When I am solidly grounded in healthy process and mechanics, the content issue falls into place and sort of takes care of itself and is ripe for the picking.

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