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Emptiness And Compassion Go Hand In Hand

On Sep 11, 2017 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

 I think compassion and emptiness go hand in hand is about not having attachment to the situation or person, but to see a blank canvas onto which you can simply love and be present. I experienced this in a deep profound way the other weekend at a healing arts festival of workshops in tantra where we were called to be silent and deeply present with numerous partners as we explored things like:" look at the person standing in front of you, see their beauty. See their entirety. Now picture that person as you at 6 years old, what message does your 6 year old have for you?" At this time the woman I was partnered with melted into sobbing, her shoulders hunched forward, a hand over her eyes and she looked away. Instinctively, I held out my hand and gently placed it on her other hand that was at her side. I looked into her eyes until she looked in mine and all I did was hold space in silence thinking the words, "compassion, love it is ok" into her. She held my hand. Soon her crying eased and she nodded she was OK. It as a moving moment of being both empty and compassionate. I hope it makes sense. <3 

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