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Emptiness And Compassion Go Hand In Hand

On Sep 9, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 A long time ago, in  1950, I went to a World View exposition at Tagore's Hall in Ahmedabad, India. I will never forget what I read at the entrance. 

Everyman is All Man,
Every woman is All Woman,
Every child is All Child.
-Carl Sandburg

All wisdom traditions teach us the underlying truth of oneness in many-ness. Oneness has no limits or boundary.
Living this universal teaching or Dharma talk makes daily living joyful, abundant and peaceful. I am sure all of us in varying degrees have tasted this nectar and have had glimpses of enlightenment. I am convinced that this teaching is not an ideal to worship. It is something we experience, we realize in our daily life.

When my consciousness is not bound and limited by my egoic mind, I sense and feel the underlying connectedness with nature and people I run into. This happens. I do not make it happen. When I am empty of my ego, I feel oneness and fullness-shunyata and purnata- emptiness and fullness. I do not experience them as separate or opposite.

Compassion creates a bridge between me and the other. When I see a person suffering, I feel suffering in me and my heart reaches out for him or her.It may be a short meeting of two hearts but it enriches and nourishes our hearts. It is an organic experience bringing a deep feeling of joy and fullness.

Yesterday, I was eating my lunch with a bunch of children at Desert Garden Montessori in Phoenix where I teach Peace Education. I saw a four- year old girl crying and a six-year old girl comforting the little girl compassionately, softly holding her hands  without saying a word. She held her until she stopped crying.There is something in human heart that makes us feel compassionate and connected with the other being.It is by liberating my self from my ego, I become one with the other. It is by emptying myself I fill myself. It is like the author says,"It is a joyful, heartfelt path worth treading."

May we cultivate compassion for others to tread the path of joyful and heartfelt living!

Jagdish P dave

Jagdish P 

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