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Happy Birthday, Dear Sister

On Sep 1, 2017 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 Nothingness is not a thing. Nothingness is the source of everything. There is nothing missing in nothingness. This beautiful poem reminds me of a similar beautiful poem in an ancient spiritual book called Ishvasya Upanishada written in Sanskrit: " Purnam adaha, purnam idam, purnat puram udachyate; purnasya purnam adaya, purnam evavishisyate." This is full. That is full. If you add something to fullnes, it remains full. If you take something out of it, what remains is fullness. Nothingness is described as emptiness-emptying those thoughts, feelings and actions that cause suffering to us and to others.Then emptiness is fullness and fullness is emptiness.

The source of creation has infinite abundance. When we separate ourselves from this source by believing and thinking and behaving as if we are separate from the source, we plant the seeds of alienation, me against you,  invading others, and having not enough.We get misaligned with the source of creation. When we align ourselves and live in harmony with the all pervading and  all embracing creative source, our cup of life gets filled.

Everything emanates from this creative source. We may call this source God, Supreme Being, Divine Mind, Tao or by any other name. Our egoic mind creates separation, divisiveness, and disconnection within and between people. Such a divided state of our ordinary ego-bound consciousness creates inner poverty and lack of fulfillment. If we wake up, become aware of this self-created alienation from the creative source, we can be reborn and live harmoniously, joyfully and peacefully.

My purpose of being in this world is to serve others and when I live this way the others become me and I become others.This is  spiritual consciousness transcending the self-serving ordinary consciousness. This way of living makes me blissful and deeply contented. When I step out of this spiritual path, I feel discontented and unhappy. I wake up, rise and walk on the spiritual path.

May we rise when we fall down, wake up, and reconnect ourselves with the creative source of nothingness, emptiness or fullness.


Jagdish P Dave

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