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Disturb Me, Please!

On Oct 29, 2009 susan bradley wrote:

I missed this week and the gathering of like hearted people at the Mehta Family home.  This disturbed me, and my usually staid and predictable goings on in life!  As is true to Margaret Wheatley's passage though, the difference even in my activitiy this week has caused me to be out of my comfort zone adn recognize the value that the gathering in peaceful repose with 20-60 people and the habitual nature of sitting quietly has in my life.

This morning I've watched the sun rise over the desert in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Absolutely beautiful how the soft pink pallet of light reflects on the hills surrounding the city.  I thought of Ms. Wheatley's writing and agree that it is our differences that are beautiful, thought provoking, sometimes uncomfortable, for me always attractive and essential to individual and group growth.  A friend of mine use to say to me that it is our differences that make us who we are and also keep things interesting!

There is something more to this stopping and listening and recognizing the discomfort that Margaret writes about ... it is intuition as well, our gut feeling, our inner compass.  The wisdom comes to us in recognizing the what and why we are uncomfortable.  This allows us to learn more about ourselves and each other.  I return to the words of so many in our Wednesday circle - understanding and compassion for ourselves and others.

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