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Loving Your Enemy

On Aug 25, 2017 xiaoshan wrote:

Walk with me
Break some bread with me
Enemy, why can't you live with me
Who are you
What did I do to you
Wish I know 
Why can't I live with you
We are all born the same
Then we separate
Then the world falls apart
And blame turns to hate
We cannot contemplate
How far apart we are
There is always a way
To that place in your heart

Hated one
Just put down your gun
Done is done
Why can't we live as one
Feel no shame
The air we breath is the same
Heal the pain 
Why do we live in vain

On Sep 4, 2017 Harpreet wrote:

 Upon reflection, I feel that an "Enemy" would be one whose point of view I have not taken the time to know, and reflect  upon the fact that we are all come from the same source and so the "enemy" is no different than me, expect for having different wounds and heartaches growing up and therefore developing a different point of View than my viewpoint.


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