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Heart And Soul Bonds

On Aug 22, 2017 Fran wrote:

 I know from my life experience that whenever my heart and soul were aligned, things happened naturally, I was able to to look at obstacles not as obstacles to overcome, but a point of connectivity. I felt peoples' love and generosity towards me and I've been able to show my love and generosity from the heart. it's magical and indescribable. I've also experienced it when I've used my body movement/energy dance and have expressed what's deep inside. Then all of a sudden some friends have popped up in my mind that later I receive a communication from them telling me what's going on with them, or I'll have an urge to connect with them and will find out something is actually going on that I can help or I should know. Many years ago a family member was suffering from major depressions and coincidentally I started sending her loving and healing energy, just cause! I forgot about it and a week later, my family called and said she has miraculously shifted her attitude and have stared cooperating with her treatment and has come out of her dark place. I love it when I can be in that space. I think the whole service space is a place for people to get to align their heart and soul.

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