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Be With the Storms

On Oct 17, 2009 Jan wrote:

This recalls two dreams recently experienced by me that appear to be sending a similar message. In one there is a rushing, turbulent river of water flowing from the left and as I look to the right I see that this turbulence is only going to increase as the land descends and there are many rocks and boulders to traverse. 

The main subject of the dream however that I am both amazed and puzzled over at the time is an Eastern Woman who is floating calmly upon her back within the center of this river with a look of utter peace upon her face.

I marvel at her calm and wonder even as I am awakening how she can keep her center while knowing what is ahead of her.

                                                              * * * * * *

In the second dream, together my husband and I step into a small vessel upon a great body of water. This water is smooth but then begins to undulate.  The motions are slow, but large, surrounding us in multiple movements like many deep and separate breaths within and upon the surface. They feel calming and I think to myself how I may understand it is that people come to want to stay sailing upon the ocean. The motions increase in their depth and height, and so I realize at times our vessel can disappear from the view of others as we are dipped deeply down, perhaps even to be overcome by the water. My thought at the time though was that this would be alright because (as I slowly took a breath following the movement), I realized I could breathe within these depths.



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