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Clinging Causes the Pain

On Oct 12, 2009 Gareima wrote:

Yes, it is the mind that makes us attached and makes us cling.  In the Geeta, the world of "maya" (illusion) is released by  "unswerving devotion to me (God) by concentration on me and me alone with a love for solitute and indifference to social life."

This can be of great help to some very emotional people like me ..... the world is full of different kinds of people everyone of us has a unique nature, and have different philosophies ..... we all have different ways of reacting and acting to our immediate enviornment. What governs our outcome and future is rooted in our acts.

All of us are constantly in search of something and some of us are in search of  something to cling onto .... and when we find that Cling, we get greedy like the monkey and set our mindset that way ... like the monkeys.




























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