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On Oct 7, 2009 Fedor wrote:

Reading this passage of Adyashanti I caught myself in thinking that in the poem interpretation he is conveying an opinion the very one he appeals not to cherish:).

I like the ‘game’ and here is my ‘play’:

In Seng-ts’an’s “Do not seek the truth” the emphasis is not on ‘not to seek’, but on ‘ No Truth’. The message is…. opinion invents the Truth. That is notion of Truth is an opinion.
And at the end, reading Adyashanti’s statement “Reality is life without your distorting stories..”, I felt again as he is confusing (hopefully intentionally) a simple matter. For reality is not life. Life is the story about reality. We are all living stories of Reality.
Seng-ts’an, in his poem, invites to enjoy the stories, the living, without notion of truth, without preconception of reality. And this is only awakening possible as opposite to the dreaming.

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