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From Being Driven To Being Drawn

On Jul 30, 2017 david doane wrote:

Life is a mixed bag, full of contradictions and dialectics that we live in the midst of and deal with.  That's life.  I certainly can be negative, and have become more positive as I have become more compassionate through realizing that we are one, we are in this together, and everyone has problems and struggles.  The positive source within me is life itself, my knowing that growth in life is inexorable, and my gratitude for the miracle of being alive and my being part of it all.  Negativity and anger are just plain not necessary, and are harmful.  I've come to be more positive oriented, focused on what is, and focused on doing something constructive rather than focused on what isn't and what is wrong and tearing things down.  For me, being positive is healing and I believe more healing for others around me.

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