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The Boss And The Attendants

On Jul 27, 2017 Sanjeev Verma wrote:

 Intellect gives us the discerning power-gives us wisdom ( or Panya)--helps us to distinguish between right and wrong actions. However the intellect acquires its power when the mind is quiet. We acquire this discerning power when the mind is quiet since we look at things with the help of intellect through the prism or lens of mind. We can not see things clearly when our prism or lens is clouded. It is important to tame or quieten the mind  in order for us to acquire discerning power. Our mind is always under constsnt agitation--lots of thoughts bouncing around--just like Brownian motion. These random thoughts take away our Wisdom. Finally I think that we often loosely use the term heart instead of mind--it is a part of our physical existence that regulates blood flow in our body. Probably we mean mind when we use the word heart. Similarly we often end up using the word brain instead of intellect.

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