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The Grandest Vision For Humanity

On Jul 17, 2017 Soni wrote:

Last four weeks have been full of digital turmoil.. damaged phone, loss of complete data, important information and I sincerely sought for some guidance and help to retain my center amidst the chaos to be able to take the next necessary steps.
Last night got a beautiful start to Deepak Chopra & Oprah's 21 days free online meditation course, which brought me back a bit more into the alignment and balance. The topic of the course is "Desire & Destiny". With the help of it (guided meditation and journaling), I started my process to clarify my intentions and to align my life actions to them.
Then this piece in the morning "spoke" the word that stands out in this piece is a opportunity to "manifest" in this time and world. I felt a lot of resonance in the synchronicity.
When I opened the newspaper I see Times of India's masthead celebrating my icon of non-violent manifestation Nelson Mandela's birthday today. 17/18th July 2017 will now remain in my memory, as the date of my progress.
Thank you.

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