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    On Jul 23, 2009 Patsy wrote:

    SK's post brings up a good point about the difficulty of achieving this kind of unabashed love. I mean, how can you possibly believe in the goodness of humans when you have seen so much fear, selfishness, anger, and cruelty?

    Overcoming selfishness and letting your guard down is the only path to unabashed love-giving. Freely baring you heart and mind, opening the door to your conciousness, is the only way for the love to flow forth from your beautiful soul to the world.

    So how? What can give me the courage to take that chance?

    The only way I can look forth to each future moment with absolutely no plans to protect myself from the possiblility of harm from others and to love completely is to see each future moment with God in it. I must trust with full surety that the Great Creator Spirit has formed this physical and spiritual existance in such a way that my complete surrender will bring about my best possible outcome. I must trust that no matter how much I give away, Great Spirit will fill me with ever more to give. I must trust that even when my openess is met with cruelty, great good has still been achieved, both through me and for me.

    I must see that the only way to fly is to jump out of the nest and risk falling; then believe, trust, jump, maybe fall for a space, and then soar.

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