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The False Duality Between "Job" And "Service"

On Jul 11, 2017 vaibhav wrote:

I began reading with assumption that it will be proclaiming more on service and how typical job mindset works. As i read along, I found i was also holding an assumption "to serve fully, one has to quit his job". Life always seemed difficult working in a system. There was a constant attempt to quit the system, move out of it and say all the worse about the system. Somewhere from last one year there was slow shift towards working in system. Not fitting in the system was motive but doing work without getting attached.
Article came up at a time when all those questions had started again crawling inside head. One can be in or out, most important point is to grow and progress. Progress towards the light, the truth.
Zilong Wang has beautifully summed this us in his last line: Ultimately, the practice is to serve from wherever we are. No one form of service is superior and holier than another. We are all placed in the grand scheme for a reason.

Lots of gratitude !

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