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Elephant in the Rock

On Jul 13, 2009 Prasad, iJourney Visual Editor wrote:

A lot went through my mind as I read the piece. I remembered recent conversations with a CEO of a large bank in India where he believed that his employees wanted to do what is right because they know goodness from inside out even though they don’t act on it because it is covered with assumptions, attitudes and negative experiences. I remembered a famous sculptor, I believe it is Michelangelo saying that the sculpture is already in the stone and his job was just to chisel out what does not belong. I also realized that my life’s work — igniting the genius within — is all about bringing the elephant in the rock to life. It is not about ‘tabula rasa’ approach — but unlearning and opening up to the essence inside. It also struck me that the philosophy that guides my photography is to keep zooming in till I compose a picture that consists of pure essence and nothing else. I also realized that I make others happy in relationships when I acknowledge and appreciate the divinity in them and not when I identify what is wrong and what could be improved. I just kept seeing so many threads of my life woven and connected to what Eknath Easwaran mentioned — we do not need to bring our higher self into existence. It is already there. My job is to get the rest out of the way so that I can operate out of my higher self.

While I was writing this note, I got a phone call and my mood changed. For a while, I could not come back to my reflection. The higher self was pushed out by my emotions and had to wait for several hours before I could complete this note.

Is my experience unique? I was very much in touch with my higher self and how did I allow myself to get caught in negative emotions? I first thought it was natural that it happens till I reread the last part of the passage: An incomparable spark of divinity is to be found in the heart of each human being, waiting to radiate love and wisdom everywhere, because that is its nature.

What about you? How often are you in touch with the elephant in the rock? Who radiated love and wisdom for you allowing you to get in touch with your true nature? How do we keep it alive more often? Any ideas?

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