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The Endurance to Observe

On Jul 6, 2009 Liz, iJourney Audio Editor wrote:

This passage made me thoughtful of two milestones I’ve achieved, by the grace of G-d:  awareness and surrender.  Once I become aware of my physical and emotional reaction to my feelings --drifting thoughts-- while meditating, I can acknowledge these and then choose what to do.  Surrendering all of my mental activity brings me closer to G-d, back to the here and now, to peace.
I also love Fleischman’s line that, “Dependence, loneliness, sensuality, exhaustion, hunger, petulance, perversion, miserliness, yearning and inflation are my old friends. I can greet them openly and warmly in people close to me, because I know them from the inside and therefore cannot condemn them without condemning myself.”   When reading this I felt my self-judgment and judgment of others melt away.  How wise, Fleischman suggests, to harness, ride and make useful that energy!

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